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Our Products
  1. Garden Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Garden Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Our garden mix is our best selling product and hasn't changed since the day we started back in 2007. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of urban gardeners utilizing raised beds to grow healthy nutritious fruits & vegetables. It is composed of compost, dark peanut shells and sand.
  2. Landscape Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Landscape Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Our Landscape Mix was designed for use with ornamentals, annuals, perennials and trees. It is used by many landscapers, landscape architects and home owners alike. It is composed of compost, pine bark fines and sand.
  3. Compost - $105.00/cubic yard
    Compost - $105.00/cubic yard
    Our compost is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each lot starts with 100% dairy manure solids and is composted on-site at our farm. We utilize the turned windrow method and follow the National Organic Program's guidelines for temperature and turning. During the curing period we conduct bioassay testing for phytoxicity. Once the lot is cured and passes the bioassay test then it is rotated into production and sale.
  4. Blueberry Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Blueberry Mix - $50.00/cubic yard
    Our Blueberry Mix was created to meet the needs of area blueberry farmers.
  5. Peanut Shells - $20.00/cubic yard
    Peanut Shells - $20.00/cubic yard
    We source all of our peanut shells from local peanut farmers and have them trucked in by the semi load. We go through A LOT of peanut shells!
  6. Pine Bark Fines - $20.00/cubic yard
    Pine Bark Fines - $20.00/cubic yard
    Our Pine Bark Fines are also sourced locally and brought in by the semi load.
  7. Perlite - $ TBA
    Perlite - $ TBA
    Something new for 2017 fall planting season is perlite.
  8. Vermiculite - $ TBA
    Vermiculite - $ TBA
    Vermiculite has also been added for the fall 2017 planting season.
  9. Granite Dust - $15 for 3lbs
    Granite Dust - $15 for 3lbs
    Our Granite Dust comes from the sloping granite hills of Georgia. More information coming soon.
  10. Weed Cloth - $2.50/linear foot
    Weed Cloth - $2.50/linear foot
    We sell a 20 year rated weed control barrier. It is a non-petroleum based and is 12' wide. It is sold by the linear foot.
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